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Tech Tip – Surface Preparation

Tech Tip - Surface Preparation 2

Proper surface preparation is essential for the success of any protective coating scheme. The importance of removing oil, grease, old coatings and surface contaminants (such as mill scale and rust on steel, laitance on concrete and zinc salts on galvanized surfaces) cannot be over emphasized. The performance of any paint coating is directly dependent upon […]

Tech Tip – Selecting the right Nozzle

Blasting Efficiency depends on proper nozzle selection Perhaps the most critical component for reaching production goals is the nozzle chosen for the job. The nozzle’s bore shape determines its blast pattern as needed for the application: Straight bore nozzles create a tight blast pattern and are ideal for blasting small areas. Venturi bore nozzles create […]

Tech Tip – Airblast Aquastorm

The Airblast Aquastorm slurry blasting system allows full flexibility to accomodate changes in the surface being cleaned / blasted. In contrast to other blasting procedures, this is adjustable at will, allowing the operator to go from heavy blasting to gentle cleaning as the surface dictates. The Airblast system handles industrial maintenance applications, such as cleaning […]

Tech Tip – Selecting the Right Blast Cabinet

An abrasive blasting cabinet is a machine into which the object or workpiece to be processed is placed. Blasting then occurs either automatically or manually. If manually, the operator performs the work by placing hands through glove holes in the cabinet, grasping the blast gun or nozzle, and directing it toward the workpiece, while viewing […]

Tech Tip – Dehumidification

Dehumidification is the removal of water from the air. Dehumidification equipment will take the ambient air and will “treat” it before it is exhausted into the enclosure. There are currently two industry accepted types of dehumidification: Desiccant The desiccant based dehumidification system uses a chemical to directly absorb moisture from the air while it is […]

Tech Tip – Pipeblasting

Effective  surface  preparation  is  critical  to  ensure  maximum  coating  performance.  Each  stage  of the process can be accurately measured, from the climatic conditions prior to work commencing, through to the chloride content of the abrasive, as well as the blast profile, cleanliness, and wet and dry film thickness. However, certain applications, due to their nature, […]

The Right Air Filter for Blasting and Painting Applications

The correct air filter can be your best friend when you’re working with blasting and painting chemicals and surface dust. Every blaster and painter knows the value of a suitable air filter that ensures fresh, clean air and it goes without saying that the value of quality air can not be overlooked when you’re on […]

Steel Surface Preparation Finish Standards

The quality of steel surface preparation is the single most important function that can influence paint performance and has a direct relation with the lifetime of a system. For optimum service life, the steel surface preparation must remove all contaminants that might impair performance and offer the best adhesion of the paint system. One of […]