High carbon steel grit & shot

High carbon steel shot is primarily used in most wheel blast applications and it creates a dimpled, peened surface. Only the shot’s skin suffers from the impact and very thin flakes will progressively part from the shot, which itself stays round throughout its life cycle. Our steel shot is very durable with high resistance to impact fatigue, giving it an effective and quick cleaning rate.

LT9082E Airblast High Carbon Steel Shot and Grit

Our high carbon steel shot is used in various applications like; desanding, descaling, cleaning, shot peening etc..
The centrifugal atomization process and double heat treatment at the Airblast plants, as well as continues quality control measures, ensures the shot to be of the highest quality.

High Carbon Steel Grit

High carbon steel grit produces an etched or angular surface profile and is well suited for cleaning, descaling, etching and desanding applications. Our high quality steel grit has a long service life and is used in both wheel blast machines and blast rooms.

High Carbon Steel Grit GP has the lowest hardness in the range of 42 to 52 HRC and is also revered to as angular shot, because the grit will get a round shape during its lifetime. It Is mainly used in wheel blast machines and it has good results in the foundry industry because it cleans faster with little increase in maintenance costs and machine parts wear. GP is used for cleaning, descaling and desanding.

High Carbon Steel Grit GL has a medium hardness in the range 53 to 60 HRC. It is used in wheel blast machines and blast rooms and is particularly suited to heavy descaling and surface preparation requirements. Although GL is of medium hardness, it also loses its angular shape during shot blasting.

High Carbon Steel Grit GH. The maximum hardness ranging from 60 to 64 HRC. It stays angular in the operating mix and is therefore ideally suited for surface etching requirements. GH is often used in blast rooms for quick cleaning and to achieve an anchor profile prior to coating.

Airblast Abrasives has two purpose built production facilities for the production of High Carbon Steel Abrasives covering an area of 4.000 m2. To produce a uniform spherical grain, the plant is using state of the art technology to fabricate the high quality product :

▪ Centrifugalizing process instead of high water jet streams to atomize the liquid steel into more spherical and uniform particles.

▪ A second heat quenching gives the abrasive a more uniform chemical and internal structure, making the abrasive less brittle.

▪ Air quenching instead of water quenching results in fewer micro cracks and thus a better durability of the abrasive.

High Carbon Steel grit and shot are produced by atomization of molten steel followed by a series of thermal and mechanical treatments in order to give the product the desired characteristics.

1. Careful selection of the scrap.
2. Melting the scrap in the electric induction furnace, adding the necessary alloys.
3. Atomisation through centrifugalizing to get a uniformly shaped grain.
4. Screening to get the right grain sizes
5. Spiralling to remove the irregular shaped shot
6. Quenching for superior particle integrity with minimal stress cracks
7. Tempering
8. Second screening
9. Packaging. (photo)

Before, during and after the process, our in-house quality control department continuously verifies the consistency and the quality of our abrasives. Our Research and Development laboratory constantly strive to improve the key performance factors of the abrasive and optimise the production process.

The product is delivered according to the customer’s choice of packaging:
• Bags 40 x 25 kgs. on a EURO pallet
• Bags 50 x 20 kgs. on a EURO pallet
• Big bags of 1000 kgs.
• Other packaging upon request.
To ensure quick delivery Airblast-Abrasives B.V. has all grades of high carbon steel grit and shot available from stock, in 25 kgs. bags on a EURO pallet.