Overhead hopper and frame assembly

Powerful dustless blasting

The Airblast engineered overhead feed hopper and frame offers a practical solution for increased production, and decreased loading times.
With safety in mind, the overhead feed hopper can either be lifted off and filled at ground level or have the option of the venturi vacu-load and recovery system.

overhead hopper and frame assembly


Features include:
• Engineered design
• Holds 2 tonne garnet or 3 tonne steel abrasive
• Stable pot Platform with Tie down points
• Pin locked overhead feed hopper with Lid
• Suspended load safety guards
• Easy slide gate valve assembly
• Optional Venturi Vacu-load and recovery system
• Mounting points

The Airblast overhead hopper and frame assembly coupled with our AB 174 Blast pot makes the perfect site or yard solution for the industrial blaster.

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