Tech Tip – Selecting the Right Blast Cabinet

An abrasive blasting cabinet is a machine into which the object or workpiece to be processed is placed. Blasting then occurs either automatically or manually. If manually, the operator performs the work by placing hands through glove holes in the cabinet, grasping the blast gun or nozzle, and directing it toward the workpiece, while viewing the operation through a window. An automatic machine requires the operator only to load and unload the workpieces from the machine. All abrasive, dust, and dirt will be contained within the machine and its associated equipment. When selecting an abrasive blasting cabinet, it is best that you have the following information at hand:

  • Size of cabinet you desire;
  • Amount of area on workpiece that requires blasting;
  • Type of abrasive you would like to use;
  • How much production you require;
  • Amount of compressed air you have available in CFM or CBM3, or the horsepower rating of your compressor.

With this information, you will then be prepared to talk to an Airblast abrasive blast equipment salesperson. Talking to a knowledgeable sales person will save you money and lost production time. On the other hand, if you succumb to the temptation of special deals and low prices, you may ultimately lose both money and production time. Blast cabinets can be divided into manual and automatic machines. Manual machines can be further divided into the classes of standard duty, and heavy duty machines. Download the PDF for more information

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