Passive Fire Protection Unit Commissioned

A collaborative effort between Airblast branches in Queensland and Victoria has successfully supplied and commissioned a specialized Graco XM PFP (Passive Fire Protection) unit.

An important customer to Airblast Australia, IAS Group, requested equipment to successfully apply a passive fire protective coating to a refinery in the state of Victoria.

Graco specifically designed the equipment chosen for the successful loading, preconditioning and spraying of a particularly difficult fibrous filled coating to structural steelwork in a refinery. These intumescent coatings are designed to swell under extreme heat (fires) offering a layer of insulation in order to retard the heat transfer to tanks and load bearing structures. This retardation process allows more time for fire crews to get these potentially disastrous fires under control.

Passive Fire Protection unit
Passive Fire Protection unit

To ensure proper heat retention in the hose sets, we set out dismantling the standard hose bundles and adding an additional self-regulating heat trace along with and upgraded hose insulation. 72ca9ae090a269bb13cb033a1fce3d24_2707e620f41f4df98f4d44b0c9d7fa62

Graco XM PFP (Passive Fire Protection) spray trials

Spray trials were conducted with great success, in the presence of the coating manufacturer as part of a pre- qualification process. Tests were made to certify, inspect and test fire walls, smoke walls, or fire rated ceiling systems requiring a fire resistant level under the Building Code of Australia in accordance with Australian and Queensland fire safety directives. Airblast Australia have exceptional experience in the configuration and supply of plural component application equipment, be it heavy industrial coatings, PFP coatings, spray foams and Polyureas as well as proportioners used for advanced glazing applications.

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