Painting and Blasting Pro Tips and Tricks

Airblast Australia will be publishing regular “Pro tips” aimed at professionals in the Painting and Blasting industry that will highlight tips and techniques that will help you get the most from our world renowned Painting and Blasting supplies. Airblast Australia also publishes a monthly technical tip for the Surface Treatment Industry. You can read the TechTips in our monthly newsletter and on our website.

Painting and Blasting Tips

Tip #1 – Pipeblasting


Effective surface preparation is critical to ensure maximum coating performance. Each stage of the process can be accurately measured, from the climatic conditions prior to work commencing, through to the chloride content of the abrasive, as well as the blast profile, cleanliness, and wet and dry film thickness. Download PDF to read more:

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Tip #2 – Dehumidification


Dehumidification is the removal of water from the air. Dehumidification equipment will take the ambient air and will “treat” it before it is exhausted into the enclosure. There are currently two industry accepted types of dehumidification: Download PDF to read more:

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Tip #3 – Selecting Blast Cabinets


An abrasive blasting cabinet is a machine into which the object or workpiece to be processed is placed. Blasting then occurs either automatically or manually. When selecting an abrasive blasting cabinet, it is best that you have the following information at hand: Download PDF to read more:

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