Sodium Bicarbonate blasting

Airblast Australia deploys semi-automated Sodium Bicarbonate blast cleaning solution.

During the last quarter of 2019, we were approached by a company in order to try and facilitate a
process within their organization. This was a process easily achieved by manual means, but nothing has
been available to offer a more productive and less labour intensive outcome.

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Our scope was to build a mobile, semi-automated blast cleaning process using Sodium Bicarbonate as
the medium by which cleaning of light lenses is achieved. This was all to be done from the comfort of an
air-conditioned truck and in any weather.

With delivery and commissioning being completed late December 2019, we have been very happy with
the outcome, and our client has been very happy with the ease at which his process has been achieved.
From a rough sketch and concept meeting, down to a working solution, saving the customer both time
and money.

We at Airblast are very proud of these achievements.
During 2018 and 2019, Airblast started embarking on offering a greater number and higher complexity
of customized solutions specifically tailored for the surface preparation and coatings application
industry. Solutions that our opposition do not and may not be able to offer, especially in the given time
frames and quality of design and construction.

This customized solution for lens cleaning is only one example of many that we have successfully
completed over the past two years and continue to develop.

With the introduction of a manufacturing facility aimed at servicing these demanding projects, Airblast
are truly setting a standard in an “outside the box’ solutions approach. This is complementary to our
existing day to day business where we offer excellent quality products sales and service to the surface
preparation and coatings application industry.

Right People, right solutions

Honesty, integrity, great service with a personalized touch, as well as perseverance and continual
improvement form the basis of our key values. Not only do we service what we sell but would like to be
known as the right people with the right solutions.

If you have the need for a specifically tailored solution for your business, contact one of our highly
experienced and friendly staff today and let us be a part of your solution and success.
We look forward to working with your company in the near future.

See also: Airblast Australia self-contained mobile blasting and painting solutions