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Dustless blasting: prevent deadly Silicosis

Airblast Australia equipment exceeds the toughest Australian HEPA H14 and provides the maximum protection from dust-related disease. Silicosis Silicosis is an left-threatening occupational lung disease caused by prolonged exposure and inhalation of crystalline silica dust. Silica dust are small particles –100 times smaller than a grain of sand–present in materials containing silica. Silica is a […]

Sodium Bicarbonate blasting

Airblast Australia deploys semi-automated Sodium Bicarbonate blast cleaning solution. During the last quarter of 2019, we were approached by a company in order to try and facilitate a process within their organization. This was a process easily achieved by manual means, but nothing has been available to offer a more productive and less labour intensive […]

VIDEO: Airblast Australia Stationary Wheelblast Machines

wheelblast machines

Larger in-house projects require larger stationary equipment, our team of engineers custom design Blast and Paint Rooms allowing maximum flexibility of product to be treated as well as adhering to the latest environmental regulations. Stationary wheel blast machines allow for maximum productivity when more regular repeatable substrates are to be treated. Our range of Airblast […]